Buddha's Relatives and Disciples

Buddha's Relatives and Disciples

I. Immediate family of the Buddha

1.King Suddhodana
2.Queen Maha Maya
3.Maha Pajapati Gotami
(aunt and foster mother)
(cousin and wife)

II. Male Disciples

(first chief male disciple)
7.Moggallana (second chief male disciple)
8.Ananda (cousin and personal attendant)
9. Kassapa (preserver of the Dhamma)
10.Anuruddha (cousin and foremost in divine eye)
11.Maha kaccana (foremost in explaining deep and complex sayings )
12.Bakkula (foremost in good health and longevity)
13.Sivali (foremost in obtaining monastic requisites)
14.Angulimala (murderer turned saint)
15.Nanda (stepbrother)
16.Devadatta (cousin and brother-in-law)

III. Female Disciples

17.Khema (first chief female disciple)
18.Uppalavanna(second chief female disciple)
(debating nun, foremost in quick understanding)
(foremost in discipline)
21.Sundari Nanda (stepsister)
22.Bhadda Kapilani
(foremost in recollecting past births)
23.Kisa Gotami (foremost in wearing coarse rag-robes)
25.Sona(foremost in effort)

IV. Royal Patrons

26.king Bimbisara
27.Queen mallika
28.King Pasenadi
29.Queen Samavati

V. Lay Disciples

30.Anathapindika (chief male lay disciple)
31.Visakha (chief female lay disciple)
32.Citta (foremost lay disciple in teaching the Dhamma)
33Rohini (cousin of the Buddha)
34.Jivaka (physician)