Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw Ashin Eindaka

Maha Dhamma Kathika Bahujana Hitadhara

(1939 - )

Nyaunggan-Aye Meditation Centre,

Insein Township, Yangon Division, Myanmar (Burma)


The venerable Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw Bhaddanta Eindaka was born at the Shwe-Andaw Pagoda Ward, in the Village of Nyaunggan, Butalin township, Monywa District, Sagaing Division, Upper Burma (Union of Myanmar), at three o'clock on Sunday evening, on April the 16th, 1939, 13th waning Day of late Tagu Month, 1300 Myanmar Era. He is the eldest Son of U Ba Daung and Daw Pwe Han.

Learning Basic Education as a Novice

He was ordained a novice at the age of thirteen, under venerable Ashin Nandavansa, the Abbot of Thinbaw Monastery in Shitmyethna Kyaung Taik of Nyaunggan Village as preceptor. His parents were supporters of four requisites. He was named Shin Eindaka.

Shin Eindaka had basic education and religious scriptures from the Venerable Ashin Nandavansa and Ashin Kumara and other Ganavacakas of Gantgaw Kyaung, Mogaung Taik, in the western part of Mandalay.

Shin Eindaka was so obedient that he could follow the basic rules for novices. He was a member of the Shwe-Andaw Wut-Association and performed the religious activities regularly. He preached the lay-men on Sabbath days. He went to listen to the Dhamma-talks of famous touring Dhamma preachers.

Learning Canonical Text.

Shin Eindaka was ordained a noble monk when he was twenty years old in the ordination-hall of Shitmyethna Kyaung Taik on the fifth waxing day of second Wazo, 1320 Myanmar Era. His venerable preceptor was Ashin Indavansa of Thinbaw Kyaung. His parents and relatives were the supporters of four requisites. His name was Ashin Eindaka.

Ashin Eindaka studied the Buddhist literatures from Bhaddanta Nandiya and other Dhammacariyas of Mani Yadanabon Kyaung Taik in Monywa.

He went to Mahavisutarama Taik of Pakhokku in 1321 M.E. He studied the three canonicals or five collections of the Buddhist canons with the respective commentaries as well as sub-commentaries with Pakhokku Method from the great teacher, Bhaddanta Thondara, Abhidhaja Maharatthaguru and other Ganavasakas for six years. He was a member of the Preaching Monk's Association in Keinnaya Mountain Pagoda Monastery and he preached the discourses himself. He promoted and propagated the teaching of Buddha at his best, acting first as the secretary and then the president of the Preaching Monk's Association.

Meditation Practice

Ashin Eindaka acquired tranquil and insight meditation of the steadfast mindfulness under the guidance of Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, Agga Maha Pandita, to his satisfaction at the Mahasi Hermitage in Bahan Township, Yangon Division in the year of 1325 ME.

Chief Meditation Instructor

Ashin Eindaka was appointed Meditation Instructor by Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw in charge of the Mezaligon Mahasi Hermitage, Ingapu Township, Ayeyawaddy Division for one year; Yadanabon Mahasi Hermitage, Seinban Quarter, Mandalay for three years; Mahasi Hermitage of Hinthada for one year and Bongyaw Mahasi Hermitage of Pathein (Bassein) for three years. Ashin Eindaka was also a mediation instructor in Ingyingon Dhammapitikarama forest monastery in Inle region, Nyaungshwe Township, Southern Shan State.

Touring Dhamma Preacher

Ashin Eindaka was an active member when the Township Dhamma Preachers Association was formed in Mahasi Meditation Centre. He delivered insight meditation lectures all over Myanmar. When the association was five years old:

(A) He became the General Secretary of the Association.

(B) He acted as Vice-chairman of the Association.

(C) He went all over Myanmar to Divisions and States and gave insight meditation lectures for the promotion and propagation of Buddha Sasana.

Founding Of Meditation Centres

He has founded three branches of Mahasi Meditation centre in Yangon.

(A) The first Nyaunggan-Aye Meditation Centre was established at No. 6, East Gyogon Quarter, Yangon-Insein Road, Insein township in 1342 ME.

(B) Nyaunggan-Aye Kwinkyaung Meditation Centre, Mahasi Branch, was established in Kyibwayay Quarter, Thingangyun township, Yangon Division in 1349 ME.

(C) Another Mahasi Branch namely Nyaunggan-Aye Shwepyitha Meditation Centre was established by Ashin Eindaka at No. 6 Ward, Shwepyitha Township, Yangon Division in 1355 ME.

Ashin Eindaka has named his meditation centres Nyaunggan-Aye in honour of his birth-place, Nyaunggan village. He has been known as Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw since he has founded the Nyaunggan-Aye Meditation centres.

Writing Articles and Books

He writes a lot of Dhamma articles on Buddhism in the newspapers, journals and magazines. He has written over thirty books, some of the well-known ones are:

(A) The Discourse of Mindfulness to be free from Sorrow.

(B) Contemplate the Mindfulness as People in Kuru Country.

C) The Discourse of Mahasi Insight Meditation Method based on the Discourse of Silawanta and Sutawanta.

(D) Message of Satipatthana Volume I to V, in Myanmar and English.

Travel Diaries

(1) The Dhamma-talks in Upper Myanmar.

(2) The Dhamma-talks in Southern Shan State.

(3) Mahasi Dhamma-talks in Mogok, Momeik and Ma-Ubin.

(4) The Missionary Diary to four countries: Sri-Lanka, India, Nepal and Thailand.

(5) The Buddhist Missionary Diary to London and so on.

Religious Performances

Ven. Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw has been able to accomplish much of the religious task given to him in spite of his tight schedule. He is:

(a) A member of Patrons- Group of Mahasi Meditation Centres, home and abroad.

(b) A member in the Mahasi International Buddhist Training Centre Administrative Committee.

(c) A member of Patrons in Mahasi meditation centre, Yangon.

(d) A sangha representative of second and third multi-sects Sangha congregation for purification, long lasting and propagation of Sasana

(e) The principal of Buddhist Training Centres, Home and Abroad; Mahasi Branch of Nyaunggan-Aye Meditation Centre.

Foreign Missionary

Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw went to many foreign countries in the East and the West to promote and propagate the teaching of Buddha.

(A) At the invitation of Dr. Ratthapala, the secretary of International Meditation Centre, India, and Ashin Kassapa, the chief Abbot of the International Rock hill Meditation Centre, Kandy, Sri Lanka, he visited Sri-Lanka, India, Nepal and Thailand in January 1988, accompanied by U Thaung Lwin BA, Dhammacariya Vatansaka as lay-attendant as well as interpreter.

(B) At the invitation of the trustee of London Buddhist Myanmar Monastery, the Association of Patrons of Mahasi Meditation Centre and the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Association sent Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw to London Buddhist-Myanmar Vihara as the chief presiding Sayadaw ( Abbot). Sayadaw also visited Switzerland and France to carry out the promotion and propagation of Buddhism.

(C) At the invitation of Dr. Asaba, Agga Maha Kammatthanacariya, the Abbot of the Viveka Ason Meditation Centre, Chumpuri, Thailand and Ashin Tilokasiri, Sasana Dhaja Dhammacariya, Principal of Myanmar Temple, Singapore, Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw made a Dhamma Tour to six countries- Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Sayadaw delivered many Dhamma talks to the Buddhist devotees in those countries

(D) Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw went on a Pilgrimage to Thailand, India and Nepal, with a group of seventy-one pilgrims from Myanmar in accordance with the sponsorship of U Kawida, Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika Daja, of The Buddhist Myanmar Temple, Calcutta in India, and Ashin Nanda, Migadawon Dhammacakka Vihara, in Varanase.