Copper Mine And Local People Clash

Today over 100 local people gather at police station in Nyaung Pin Gyi village. They are from Moe Kyoe Pyin, Ton and Sel Tel villages.
They came to police station to be detained because 50 of them were opened cases by local police for their protesting yesterday.
Police were waited and armed inside the station and the gate was closed.
Police officer did not allow them to go in and said to go back home.
Yesterday about 30 people from Moe Kyoe Pyin village protested and blocked the road to stop trucks from copper mine because the trucks bring dump are broken the traffic rules and kill livestock and injuring people accidentally. No one take responsibility for those. polices cracked down the protest, shot with rubber bullets and 15 protesters were injured and protesters throw back with stones and sling shots
Protesters said they will block the road until the problem will be solved.
Local people and copper mine conflict since 5 years ago, many protesters were jailed and died for the protesting according to the government confiscated their lands without agreement and improper compensation.
They are always denying compensation and fighting to get back their confiscated plantations for survival because plantation is the only way to serve their lives.

Kyaw Min