Wai Yan Hein, a journalist was assassinated

Wai Yan Hein, a publisher and journalist of weekly journal  IRON ROSE was assassinated during annual holidays. The journal name represents to Aung San Su Kyi which some people honor her as iron lady, iron butterfly and iron rose. The journal used to reveal about military Generals and also lobby  Aung San Su Kyi.
From April 13 to 16 are Burma Famous Water Festival and annual 10 days holidays. All offices are closed and most people are celebrating in festival ,some travel for picnic and some go back to their parent home.
Especially all offices and the apartments are silents because most young people are on the street to enjoy water festival. The assassination choose the silent days.
He had contact with his parent on 11 April but on 16 April, his next door knew the smell came from his office. After open the door of office, his parent found out his death with  15 stabs.
Recently military brutal Generals frequently use the innovative methods to punish the activists and journalists by assassinating in stead of imprisonment.
In January, Muslim activist was assassinated at the airport, in April the publisher who lobby  Aung San Su Kyi was assassinated again.
Since 1948 there were many less obvious assassinations in Burma. When previous military brutal government used the method of imprisonment to activists and opponents, they got international pressure. Now military General use the method as assassination to avoid international pressure. On the other hand assassination threatens more than imprisonment.
Day by day the life of activists and journalists are not safe. But we have to fight for democracy until we die because our goal is to be democratic country.

Kyaw Min