( Hill Tracts Missionary Sayadaw)

( Abhidhaja Aggamaha Saddhamma Jotika )

( 1272 ME -1995 AD)


At the request of devotees to convey a brief account of my life and the missionary tour to the European countries, I present it here.

In 1349, Myanmar Era (1988 AD), I am 78 years old. I live in Khamtin-Tawya monastery, eight miles away to the south of Falam, which is located on the Assam border of the Northern Chin hills.

My monastery on the side of the Khamtin mountain range over 7000 feet, above sea level, is built up of rocks and the Falam-Hakha motor road exits below my residence. Here I perform missionary duty and live in peace of Dhamma.

My native place in Ngwe-twin-gone village, south of Depayin Township , Shwebo district, Upper Myanmar and I was born in the month of Pya-tho, 1272 M.E. (Myanmar Era). My parents were U Pho Nyo and Daw Thay Tar. I am the youngest son of six children .

Literary-Mindedness in youth

At the age of six, I studied basic canonical texts under my first Sayadaw U Vilasa in my native village and at twelve I was novitiated with the support of my parents. Then I was fully ordained at nineteenth and now I have been a monk far 59 years, at this age of 78.

Though I am old, my eyes and ears are in good health; though I am in the habit of reading and writing, I do not use spectacles.

Since the age of 22, while living in Mandalay as a bhikkhu-student, I have been writing articles in journals and magazines.

To Hilly Regions and India

I started my missionary tour to Hilly Regions from Mandalay in the winter of 1297 M.E. First, in order to test my ability and resistance I passed through the Rakhine mountain ranges on foot together with Chin Nationals, and I found that I was able to do the noble missionary task.

During this tour, I passed many regional areas in Rakhine state such as, Ramaree, Kyaukphyu, Zinkyun,

Myaypon, Pauktaw, Sittwe, Myohaung, Kyauktaw, Alei-sankyaw, Maungdaw, and reached up to the Chittagong mountainous regions such as Bominthaung, thethtaung, etc.

I also went forth to the historically recorded places of India where the Buddha in His life-time resided - Buddha - gaya, Rajagaha, the Old Nalanda University, Baranasi, Migadavana, Kusinara, Savatthi, the old site of Jetavana monastery, Lubhini garden, and other historically popular places.


From the age of twelve, I studied basic canonical texts under the guidance of my teacher Sayadaw in my native place; and then I went to Monywa and studied Pali Texts in Shwe-thein-daw-gyi Kyaung Taik for 3 years. Afterwards, I lived in Mahasamaya Chaung of Sagaing and studied in order to sit for examinations for about 12 years as a novice.

After my ordination ceremony, I stayed in Shwe- thein-daw-gyi Kyaung Taik for 2 years and endeavoured to sit for Pali Examinations. I moved to stay in Yadanarbon Pariyatti Kyaung of Chanthargyi Taik, West Mandalay and made an endeavour to sit for Pali Examinations, passing five kinds of Examination.

At the age of 27, I got back from India to Myanmar and studied Sanskrit in Ledi Kyaung Taik of Monywa.

For over 4 years, I studied Pali Texts of Tipitaka, together with Commentaries and Sub-Commentaries in Mahavisutarama of Pakokku. While I was there, I often toured the Chin Hill in the west and performed missionary task there.

Religious Activities during War time

Before the World War II, I moved from Pakokku to Amarapura and there I studied Patthana under the President Sayadaws of Tumaung Taik and old Mangala Taik for one year. At the beginning of World War II, I finished my learning and went back to my native place; I spent my time there paying my humble service to my first-teacher Sayadawgyi and repairing old wells and broken ponds for the benefits of village-devotees.

During the six years of World War II, I resided at Vaso Kyaung and Aung Chan Thar Kyaung of Kamayut, Yangoon, and gave lectures on Buddhist Texts to young novices and bhikkhus. I performed religious duties. As a Vinaya Examiner and Vinaya Judicial member of Insein, Kamayut and Thamaing Townships, I also wrote occasional articles.

As I intended earlier, I went forth alone to Hilly regions in order to work as a missionary after World War II. I tried to propagate the Buddha's teachings in the mountainous regions of Chin State, Rachine State and Kaya State.

Metta-tour to Europe

I had been to Assam and Manipur of India more than once for missionary purposes, but I had never been to Europe and so I intended to go there.

Over the last 3 years, 1 have been invited to spend the rainy retreat in Switzerland by lay devotees and I promised I would come to them when conditions were favourable.

Since they frequently sent letters of invitation, I decided to spend the Buddhist Lent of this year in Switzerland.

The aged Sayadaws from Mandalay and Shwebo encouraged me to make a European missionary tour because they are farsighted noble ones.

When some Sayadaw asked me 'What's your main aim and objective in going Europe?' I replied rather in a mocking manner, 'To prevent the third World War from breaking out by means of the dissemination of Metta.'

In fact, even before I intended to spend the Buddhist Lent in Europe, I have disseminated Metta towards the leading countries all over the world in order to prevent a third World War from breaking out in this human world.

I have been performing this noble task for over twenty years. I have done it in advance by instinct for the wealth and welfare of all sentient beings: and I firmly believe that the fearful fire of the World War, the fire of anger, the fire of conceit - all these calamities and scourges will automatically come to an end by the power of my Metta and Karuna.

In those countries, I will preach the noble Dhamma also discuss it with those who would like to ask questions; I will recite Parittas and disseminate Metta in order to protect them from confrontation with calamities and scourges; these are my main aims and objectives.

May all celestial beings, all human beings and all sentient beings be free from danger, anxiety and misery; may all be happy and peaceful!

The Venerable Sayadawgyi passed away on 27-12-95 .