Salai Tin Maung Oo

Salai Tin Maung Oo (June 26, 1976)
“Comrades! They are killing me without letting
the people know.” “I shall never kneel
down under your military boots”
The historic testimonial words of Tin Maung
Oo, a student leader of Rangoon University’s
demonstration (1974-75).
January the 3rd, 1974: Salai Tin Maung Oo
gave an impressive and moving speech about the
importance of unity, especially during critical
times. After that he was unanimously appointed
General Secretary of the CLCC, Chin Literature
and Cultural Committee.
June the 6th, 1974: The Socialist Constitution’s Article 9 led six months
later to the provocation of general worker’s strikes to challenge the constitution.
The Burmese Army responded with gunfire on June the 6th and 7th,
killing workers and students.
When the former Secretary General of the United Nations, U Thant
died in New York, his remains were flown back to Rangoon to be buried
there according to his last wishes. Salai Tin Maung Oo, led a people’s demonstration
movement, out of respect for U Thant.
December the 5th, 1974: Hundreds of students marched towards Kyaikasan
stadium to pay their last respects to U Thant. Among the mourners
were Buddhist monks. Ko Kyi Win, Salai Tin Maung Oo, and other student
leaders announced that U Thant’s funeral procession was to be taken over
by the students and honoured with a mausoleum and an official state funeral.
After the U Thant affair, he went to underground. He established an
underground student union, underwent military training in the liberated
area of the Parliamentary Democracy Party, and then returned to Rangoon
where he was arrested, and sentenced to death. He was hanged on June
the26th, 1976 at the infamous Insein prison. He is the only student to be
hanged by the government in Burmese political history.