Activists are waiting a day when they will be assassinated

The lawyer U Ko Ni, Muslim activist , an author of the book on human rights and  a member of the ruling NLD party was assassinated on 29/01/2017,  shot dead in the head by former military officers at Yangon Airport but no one knows who is behind them, master mind and black hands. This assassination is signal and alert message to all activists, this means that you will be next.
New government  ignore and silent not only the assassination of U Ko Ni but for expanded violence and human rights violations against civilian by military and polices because the reason for silence is new government has no authority over the military and polices.

New government continues arrests and imprisonment  activists, journalists and civilians by using Section 66(d) which is limited free speech under communication acts although they become as people elected government for the reason of opposing for justice and freedom.
Most of new government officials are the former prisoners who were sentenced for fighting democratic changes. But it is totally different between opposing to Junta and managing the government.
They opposed to former dictator for rule of law, justice and democracy but they also follow the dictators' way when they become the government. Under the new government's management, nothing is change and military is committing more crimes than before, violence were expanding and human rights violations upon civilian populations are widespread.
Many people were arrested only for posting on facebook their views about military and Aung San Su Kyi.

Many people inside and outside of Burma hope new government can bring all democratic values and they will be able to solve all the problems. In practice,  new government leads by Aung San Su Kyi is blaming the former military government instead of solving problems. They cannot repeal or repair any outdated laws and policies but they inherit those for their political interest, they cannot  build coalitions with different groups and military. The military is above the government and running silently the administration of country .
New government officials always say executes for their failure, giving reasons as they are running the country less than a year, they need time to build the devastated country which was inherit from dictators. But they cannot outline any policy for economy or administration.

After a year of election, the administrative corruption is widely happening because all administrative staffs are from old government, all operation are the same as dictator's management. All outdated law remain the same. General administration, army, justice department and police force are under the control of Commander in Chief of military. More political prisoners are imprisonment. Many protester are in the prison and on trial for protesting of their believe and rights.
Military is still main role in politic, cannot remove 25% un-elected seats in Parliament for military, cannot discuss at least one single constitutional law, ex-Generals are exempted from their committed crimes and former military officers are privilege in high post  every government departments. Discussion for peace between military and ethnic group has no progress. Many organizations protest for their rights but fail  and protesters were detained.
We cannot see any democratic  or normal change.
We all can understand why Aung San Su Kyi and her government cannot have authority on military but she should not be silent and ignore on violations by them.
In 2015 election Aung San Su Kyi and her party won exceedingly but after one year it is success only for her party, not for the country.
She is trying not to lose her position in politic by avoiding to face off with military and cronies. She is silent on whatever they do.
I believe it is not right way.
To win election and getting post is the goal  of naive politicians. The goal of genuine politician is to be statesman who subtle to build the country. She became politician who thinks only her political interest instead of to be reformist.
In dictator's period, people were arrested and died in the prison but under new government people were assassinated brazenly, assassination of activist U Ko Ni is one of them.
So, we all activists must be waiting for our day when will be assassinated.

Kyaw Min