The sad story of Myanmar:

Aung San Suu Kyi is above the president. Generals are above Aung San Suu Kyi.
Under so called democratic government injustices and human rights violations are happening in every places by  polices, judges, soldiers and local authorities. Aung San Suu Kyi Government appointed many of former official in important places. Burma is under two Forms of Dictatorship, one is military dictatorship and another is people elected Dictatorship. People voted NLD by the cult of personality . The voters didn't know what her policies is, what her political route is and how she will lead the country, she also couldn't mention about those during election campaign.   Aung San Su Kyi become the partner and under control of Generals from the opponent of them. She never try to criticize and change non-democratic constitution. I can say it is not democracy whoever run the country under the recent constitution.
I am not accusing to new government without reasons. Here are some evidences, more than 200 activists and political opponents are in the prisons under her government and many are on trial. Among them, some are reporters, journalists and who works in the media field. This means that lack of freedom of speech. Civil wars are happening in northern, southern, western and eastern border areas. During peace talk assembly are holding, many ethnics are being killed.
Aung San Su Kyi is silent for all. She can't protect any detaining civilians by military.
She used to mention about the rule of law but it seem she doesn't understand what it means. She said it frequently as a political slogan rather than practice. Now she has time to try practicing but her mouth is closed by Generals, after her party winning election, she doesn't say any more about the rule of law..
The military regime had consciously built up the corruption habits to make sure for long live their power. They had methodically dismantle all the rules. Justice department completely practice corruptions. Lack of Rule of Law can be dictatorial government even they call democratic government or not.

Kyaw Min