The way to solve Burma conflicts.

Burma is one of the most complicated and longest cases of ongoing ethnic conflict and democratization. Due to civil war of ethnic conflict, about two millions people were displaced and more than five thousands were imprisoned for their beliefs. Among them some were died in prison, many release but continue detaining until now. Regime government of military does not try to understand the country’s complicities and reasoning behind those.
However, the real conflict is not easy to understand among military, democratic activists, opposition party and ethnic groups. Majority of Burmese believe all those conflict were created by military Generals for their interests and are happening under military’s strategy.
In 2010 Military Generals promise to reform democratic country and to practice new constitution.
The newly formed government established parliamentary rule, but not an inclusive all opponents.
When they held election most of opponents were in the prison and they named the ethnics group as rebels. USPD formerly the organization of brutal military’s association changed as a party named Union Solidarity and Development Party won election because the election held without opponents.
When the international pressure came upon them, they change their game. They release high profile activists including opposition party members and allow them to participate in by-election in 2012.
Aung San Su Kyi decided to participate in by-election. I believe that decision would be wrong for her aim.
If she will go to parliament, she will not be able make important change for democratization.  Constitutional law strictly prohibited to change important sections.
For examples, according to section 59 (f), Aung San Su Kyi cannot be president because of her two sons are foreign citizenship. To change this law needs 75% votes of MP and it is impossible because of 25% seats of MP are un-elected military representatives. This means that military has veto power to reject any change even though majority of Aung San Su Kyi party wins election.
Finally, I disagreed if she will be participated in by-election because I believe she will be just a toy in a military Generals’ game. She will not be able to change constitution under their playing.
If she is outside of them, she can force, give pressure and she can call to people to upraise for the constitutional change.
This is just trying to reduce international pressure to show they give space her. I believe her decision is totally wrong.
Burma will never ever be democratic country which respects human-rights unless constitutional change.
Only genuine constitution can solve the conflicts of Burma which gives ethnics self-determination rights, human-rights and democracy.
The way to solve Burma conflicts is the constitution must grant the ethnics' rights and their self-determination.
So, Aung San Su Kyi is only strongest leader of opposition groups to change constitution. She should not run by-election which she will be puppet of Generals.

Kyaw Min