Aung San Su Kyi

Aung San Su Kyi 
6 September, . General Aung San, commander in chief of the Burma  Army, and Ma Khin Kyi  who is senior nurse of Rangoon General Hospital, 

19 June Aung San Su Kyi born in Rangoon. She is third child in family. "Aung San" is her father's name, "Kyi" is from her mother's last name, "Suu" is her grandmother name,

19 July her father General Aung San  assassinated. Aung San Su Kyi was just two years old.

Oxford University, B.A. in philosophy, politics and economics at St. Hugh's College 

1 January Marries with Michael Aris, 
 Her son, Alexander was born in London.

Her second son, Kim  was born at Oxford.

31 March. Her mother is seriously ill. She goes back to Burma to to help care for her mother. 8.81988 .mass uprising throughout country. Violent suppression by military kills thousands 15 August. Aung San Su Kyi, in first political action,