No Vote, Vote "NO"

Burmese Constitution draft is design to continue military dominance which is just transformation as civilian face. 25 percentages of parliament seats of both upper and lower house are for military officers who appointed by Commander-in-chief. Very important laws need 75% votes in parliament, so this means that military has veto power of 25% votes to reject any proposal and amendment.
Not only parliament but the government officials, there must be two vice-presidents , one from military. Dominants of military is effected both parliament and government.
All powerful political opponents are ban to be member of parliament by the reason of serving imprisonment. But those who all were imprisonment are sentenced by Brutal military Generals.
Especially draft prevents Aung San Su Kyi to be president by the reason of whoever and his or her family members are foreign nationality.
Military controls Executive Authority of three pillars. Legislature is under veto power of 25% military seats in parliament.
executive branch is totally in the hand of military. Lets have a look! ministers of Home affair ministry , defence ministry and border ministry are appointed by Commander-in-chief.
All local authorities, polices forces and judicial system are under the Home affair ministry.
Even genuine civilian party win the election, all management of executive branch of country is in the hand of military. So-called that civilian government will be puppet government of military Generals.
The ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) prohibited any public discussion  of the draft constitution and force every government workers to vote "yes". Local authorities who all are ex-military officers threaten the local people whoever does not vote "yes" will be imprisonment.
All their draft of constitution and behavior are unacceptable.
I strongly recommend not to go the polls to vote, we must boy-cott the referendum.
If you have fear to deny going to the poll, please vote "NO".

Kyaw Min