Myaungmya Sayadaw U Nyanika

(29-8-1918 / 6-8-1997)

Agga Maha Pandita

Sayadaw was born in a pleasant village of Phayagyi in East Bassein Township, Lower Burma, on Tuesday, the 29th of August 1917. The parents were U Po Htin and Daw Sein.

At the age of six, he was sent to the Sayadaw of Phayagyigone Monastery for his elementary linguistic and Buddhist education. He was initiated to a novice at the age of eight, supported by the parents. The young novice got through the lower part of Pathamabyan examination while studying at Veluvan Kyaungtaik in Bassein which he joined at the age of fourteen. Two years later, he moved to Myaung Mya Township and studied under Sayadaw Ashin Nyanabhivamsa, and passed the remaining parts (middle and higher) of the Pathamabyan examination. He also studied Abhidhamma Atthakatha, Parajjika, Pacitta, Vinaya Pali Athaakattha, and Mahavagga Suttanta Athakattha as a young novice.

At the age of twenty, on the 15th of November 1937, U Tun Tin and Daw San took care of him to be ordained as a Bhikkhu in Kunchangyi village. Then he went to Pakokkhu (Mahawithudharama Kyaungtaik) and Nyaungdon (Sasanajotipala Kyaung Taik) where he learned Tipitaka, five Nikaya, Pali atthakatha digha for eight years. At the age of 28, he became the instructing teacher as well as Monastery Adminstrator at the Pajjotarama Pali Monastery/ University. He also finished 2 year diploma and 3 years BA Honour's University Course in Veranasi's where he read Indian History and Philosophy and also Western Philosophy.

Awards and Titles

Pathamabyan, all 3 levels

Sasanadhajasiri PawaradhammacariyaTitle

Diploma and BA Honours degree from to Indian Universities.

Agga Maha Pandita Title in 1991, conferred by the Government of Myanmar (Burma)

Dhamma Propagation Activities

He taught the young monks for almost 40 years in Nyaung Don and Myaung Mya Townships, in delta region of Burma.

He has been the Principal of a Pali University. He was the central executive member of 'the first all gunas'

He was also acknowledged as Vinaya expert by the Government of Myanmar.

He went on many dhammaduta missions to England, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, Austria, Italy , USA, Canada and Australia.

In England, he had established the Tisarana Vihara, first in Wolverhampton in 1994 and then in London in 1989. He founded Tisarana Vihara at Perth in Australia in 1994.

Sayadaw passed away on 8-06-97 (1359) in London.


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